Choosing a Photographer Based on Qualifications

One of the most difficult parts of using this kind of service is the selection. Every couple has their own qualifications when it comes to selecting a wedding photographer. One of the many qualifications of your photographer that you should consider seriously is his or her photography education.

Yes, it is true that this kind of talent could be learned by practicing. Nevertheless, it is also important to know that you are dealing with a photographer who studied and earned a photography degree from respected schools and universities.  The last thing that you should avoid during the hiring process is getting a hobbyist who decided to become a photographer by purchasing a high end camera. One of the caveats in the wedding photography industry is hiring a photographer pretending to be legit. Since this is a form of investment, make sure that your money goes to the right group of professionals.   


If you are selecting a photographer based on what photography school he or she attended, here are the best recommendations for you:

(1) Yale School of Fine Art

Students of photogrpahy from this university are trained rigorously by their mentors. In fact, the school also offer post-graduate program, MA in Photography. Yale graduate photographers are well respected in the industry due to the trainings and experienced they have gone through before graduating from the program. Please take note that only the best are being taken by Yale School of Fine Art.

(2) New York Film Academy

This academy had already produced acclaimed photographers in the industry such as Stephanie Sednaou and Melvin Sokolsky. NYFA is known for being intensive when it comes to the style of teaching. Unlike other schools, they are more into hands on style rather than staying inside the four walls of classroom and learn theories. NYFA students are always in the field tucking their cameras that are industry graded.

(3) Brooks Institute

If you are residing California, it is easy to contact Brooks Institute photography students to cover for your wedding. Students from this school have the option to take MA, BA, and MFA in photography. Photography instructors are known to be progressive in terms of attitude. The photography education from this school is based on real world and professional work.

School of Visual Arts

This school in New York has really blossomed in the art of photography when it offered MPS or Masters in Digital Photography. The course is under the leadership of a renowned photographer Katrin Eismann. This one year program is rigorous and grounded in real world application. Wedding photographers from this school are really good in terms of post-production editing and so on.

At the end of the day, getting a secured service is what matters most. There are photographers who did not graduate from photography schools yet they have good portfolios. If you choose a photographer based on what photography school he or she attended, please make sure that you also assess the person the way you assessed others.