How to Get the Right Wedding Limo?

When you’re shopping for wedding limo transportation in Dallas, TX, whether it’s for a wedding or any special event, and the livery company will need certain information to give you an accurate price. You need to know how to get the right limo for your wedding event. It will take a little time of planning for the best but, you need to get the right one. Here are five things you need to tell your wedding limo company so that you can have the best wedding of your life:

The type of event

Do you want to hire a limousine for a wedding, or any special event? Some rentals have minimum hour requirements, while others are priced at a set fee. Limo companies also offer special packages. This information helps the livery company to plan your trip. It may offer points for a bachelorette party, or a red carpet service for the bride. There could be special comp packages at casinos or VIP treatment packages and free passes at nightclubs. You need to know how to determine which the right wedding event that you can get is. Having limo in your wedding is a perfect way to have elegant wedding photo.

The date to save

The limousine service will need to know the date of your event and the length of time that you’ll need the rental. The date is important even if you’re just looking for quotes. The limousine company can only quote based on vehicle availability. If you want a 26-passenger party bus and it’s sold out, they may be able to offer you a 28-passenger option. But there’s no reason to have a discussion about a vehicle that you can’t rent. As you plan your excursion, think about the time you want to be at your final destination.  Consider the drive time when estimating how long you will need the limo or bus.

The number in your party

This will affect the type of vehicle you can select. While switching from 12 to 13 passengers sounds simple enough, you’re likely to have to switch from a limo to a party bus with that extra passenger. There are two considerations; first, how many people can the vehicle legally hold? The Department of Transportation sets this guideline and it is strictly enforced. Secondly, how many people can fit comfortably? If you’re going to be in the vehicle for a long time, you may want to ask about the suggested passenger count.

Desired amenities

If you’re planning to bring a DVD to watch on the flat screen or an iPod to listen to, ask the limo service if it can accommodate those requests. Consider all the details for your ride. Do you need ice, bottled water, glassware or bubbly? Make sure the livery company can offer what you need.

Age range of expected passengers

Vehicles with dividers typically sanction the use of alcohol in the back of the wedding limo transportation in Dallas, TX or party bus. However, everyone on board must be 21, with proper identification, in order to have alcohol on board. By having these facts at your fingertips before you call to make a limo reservation, you’ll save time.

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