Wedding Venue Hunting Don’ts

Wedding venueOne of the exciting parts of wedding planning is hunting for wedding reception venues in Houston. Typically, the venue is decided once the bride and groom-to-be has finalized the type of wedding they would like to host. If they prefer a cocktail wedding reception, a medium-sized ballroom or bar is enough.

A summer wedding is usually held outdoors in a garden or in a tent that can create perfect wedding photo. There are plenty of wedding places in Houston and it can be overwhelming for any couple out there. The type of wedding to host is not only one thing that is considered when picking a wedding venue. It is possible to have these considerations overlooked. In the end, they end up in a wedding venue in Houston, TX that is quite far from what they really aim to have.

If you have a hard time remembering the important considerations in searching for a wedding venue, at least remember what you do not have to do. Before signing out that contract, make sure you are NOT ruling out venues instantly. When you are searching for venues online, don’t get settled on one venue based on the photos you have seen from their websites. As a bride-to-be, it is your responsibility to go out and give yourself the time to visit the wedding venues that interest you. This is vital especially if you still have enough time, like six months or more before the wedding day. You fell in love at first sight in one wedding venue with crystal chandeliers and tall columns, but you might find it as well in other venues with more food options and amenities being offered. Do NOT forget of your wedding priorities.

When the wedding is just a few months away, brides-to-be get easily swept away with all the wedding options laid in front of them. Yes it is a once-in-a-lifetime event and that’s exactly one of the reasons why they choose a venue that is over their allotted budget. Maybe you could cut the cost on other things but think carefully, or you might end up hosting a wedding without a single flower or a cake. If you have already set your wedding budget, stick to that or you could be in debt after the wedding.

Negotiating is NOT something to be afraid of. Take advantage if you have something to gain, especially for those who are on a tight budget out there. It is common in some wedding venues to offer a set amount on a particular date, especially during peak season, and this somehow is influence on the number of guests you have. For instance, the minimum number It is most likely that you will find a wedding venue in Houston, TX that offers a set amount that must be fulfilled on a particular date.

This amount is based on the number of guests to attend. For instance, you have invited guests over the minimum number, there is a tendency the price per plate is reduced. On the other hand, you must be really sure that you can fill all the seats during the day. It is recommended to book at Bell Tower on 34th Street for great offer.

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