What You Should Be Dealing in a Wedding Event?

Wedding planning is stressful enough. It gets even more confusing when most of the advice out there revolves around a bride and groom—and you’re both one of the above. It isn’t easy to get everything fix up a month before the big day. You need to be ready for the most advance date as possible so that you have the best and successful wedding of your life. To help you out, we pulled together reality-tested, sanity-saving advice for navigating the same-sex wedding planning waters.

All About WeddingDon’t worry about what you “should” do

Instead of worrying about how to make your ceremony line up with tradition, view it as a chance to throw an event exactly your way, without any of the old-school “must-haves” that don’t mean anything to you personally. Because many same-sex couples don’t have gendered roles in their relationship, they really have the freedom to reinvent the wedding. You can get those creative mindsets thinking on how you can beautify your wedding day according to your likes and wants.

Get creative with your wedding party

Who says a woman has to have maids of honor and only guys get to nominate best men? Choose the attendants you want up at the altar with you—whatever sex they are—and name them accordingly. You could have brides’ men, grooms maids, a man of honor or a best woman, for instance, or give the whole gang a fun name like the “I Do Crew” or “Bridal Brigade.” Or skip the attendants’ altogether and keep all eyes on you and your partner. Don’t forget to take a picture for your guest especially the fun part.

Start thinking about your outfit early

If you’re two men planning to wear tuxes or suits, finding what you want is pretty simple. Not so much if you’re a bride who doesn’t want to wear a gown. If you have the budget, it’s worth looking into having an outfit tailored or custom-made for you, which can take months; otherwise, starting months ahead of time gives you time to find decent deals and styles you’ll be proud to wear down the aisle. And here’s a smart tip if you and your wife-to-be are both sporting dresses that you’re not showing to each other in advance: “Share photos of what you’re going to wear with your planner or a friend. They can steer your partner in the right direction so you and your future bride aren’t clashing in formality, style or color.

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