Wedding Cake Flavors

Wedding Cake1Cakes come in variety of sizes, colors, decorations and flavors. They say you should not just a book by its cover. It is the same for cakes. No matter how expensive or cheap looking the cake is, you really can’t tell if it is delicious or not unless you tasted it. Wedding cakes are normally perceived as delicious cakes because of the positive atmosphere of the celebration. Everyone wants to have a slice of the wedding cake.

Nowadays, wedding cakes come in variety of flavors too. New flavors of wedding cakes were introduced to give the celebration a fresh taste. Yes the traditional sponge cake covered with vanilla frosting is still popular, but you should give your wedding something different, like with the flavor of your wedding cake. Bakers and designers of wedding cakes in Wichita, KS can assist you in picking the best combination of flavors that would work well with your wedding theme.

In the weddings you were invited to for these past years, you should be able to notice the popular flavors chosen by the couples. It doesn’t matter what design or color the cake is, because what’s more important is its taste.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake – this should be easy to tell as long as the outer appearance of the cake has something red. Yet in some occasions, you can’t tell if the wedding cake is red velvet unless it is already sliced. This flavor has long been favorable to represent love and romance of the celebration. It is a favorite because it could either taste like chocolate or vanilla. This flavor is best paired with cream cheese frosting. If you want to break from the tradition, go for a tiered red velvet wedding cake.

Chocolate Wedding Cake – definitely untraditional yet popular and best for winter weddings. While not everyone likes a chocolate wedding cake because of its dark color, it would probably receive criticisms from guests. On the other hand, with the right amount of chocolate richness, the flavor can be paired with other flavors like mint and orange. This will bring your wedding cake to a whole new level. Make sure to choose this flavor only when it suits the season and your motif.

Lemon Wedding Cake – a favorite flavor for spring weddings. This flavor is the best choice for couples out there who do not like a heavy and rich flavor like chocolate. Lemon wedding cakes are light and tangy, but can have a different taste when you pair it with fresh fruits.

Carrot Wedding Cake – another popular choice for couples who want to go non-traditional. If you want to prepare and serve your guests a slice of wedding cake that’s soft, moist and dense, carrot cake flavor is the best choice. Additionally, it is not like other cakes because the grated carrots and nuts are the main components that make the flavor tasty. It is also paired with cream cheese frosting. If you do not want the wedding cakes in Wichita, KS with the common flavors like vanilla and chocolate, look for a baker who can achieve your desired results.

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